Last spring I received a little package with some clothes from Dear-Lover. Because of the long distance from my country and the production country, when the package arrived was already too hot to wear them, so I had to wait until the cold season to enjoy them.

The package from Dear Lover had three different clothing pieces, one sweater, one dress and one coat.

As they told me to choose my size, I choosed size S (small) for all the pieces and they really fit me well.

The packaging was also carefully choosed, every clothing piece was put in it’s own zip bag and then into a big box. That means your package will be safe and you can be sure it will arive without any damage.

Going throught their web site you will see that the prices are actually very good, the clothes are affordable and there is also a variety. You can find casual or sport clothes, but also elegant things like night dresses. As the Christmas and The New Year’s Eve parties are coming, you should check their website for some good deals.

Long Black Dress

I think this was my favourite from this package. This wholesale dress can be worn buttoned as I did, making a slit, but also all buttoned. I also worn it with a turtle neck blouse because I liked how it looked. I will wear it also on cold weather, with a pair of black tights.

Teddy Bear Coat

Even though I expected a different texture, it also looked good. The colour is amazing and the coat fits well with almost everything. Unfortunately isn’t that thick, so with the weather from our country it’s hard to wear it in the winter, but it is perfect for early spring or late autumn.

Black Sweater

It has the sleeves a little oversized and it can be worn with a lot of things. It isn’t the coziest sweather, but you can take this with a black turtleneck as I did with the dress.